Your Suzuki GS750 Charging System

If you've got a 16-valve Suzuki from the early 80's, then you've got charging problems. The details are well documented elsewhere, so you won't find them here. But, you will find them here: The GS Resources.

ElectroSport makes a quality replacement stator and regulator that happens to be cheaper than an OEM replacement (and it won't burn up!). Read all about installing them below.

Suzuki Charging System: Remove Seat and Side Covers

First, remove the seat and side covers so looking at and getting at everything is easy. No tools required!

On the right side of the bike, you'll see the rear-brake master cylinder. On the left side will be the regulator. You'll replace that.

Suzuki Charging System: Remove Battery

And from the top you'll see the battery.

Suzuki Charging System: Charge Battery

Before you touch anything else, remove that battery and get it on a charger, primarily because it's probably dead (you had a charging problem, after all), but also because you don't want those electrons running around when you're trying to fix your bike.

Suzuki Charging System: Stator Side Cover

Prepare to remove the stator. It's behind that cover.

Suzuki Charging System: Stator Cover Removed

Keep an oil pan handy, because the stator swims in oil. The magnets are going to want to keep the cover on the bike, so don't be surprised when it doesn't just fall to the floor after all the bolts are removed.

If you had removed the starter cover and unplugged the stator wires beforehand, you may be able to pull the stator from the bike, now. If not, you can do it later.

Suzuki Charging System: Unplug Stator Wires

And that's what we'll do now. Unplug the existing stator wires. If it's OEM, you'll have one yellow and two whitish wires. You'll find them connected to the regulator.

Suzuki Charging System: Stator Removed

Once the wires are unplugged, you can remove the starter cover and loosen the primary sprocket cover to make pulling the wires easier. They're fed through a little channel behind the sprocket cover, underneath the starter cover, and through the engine case.

Then, remove the whole assembly from the bike.

Suzuki Charging System: Out with the Old Stator

Out with the old...

Suzuki Charging System: In with the New Stator

...And in with the new.

Suzuki Charging System: Rubber Wire Boot

This little rubber boot seals the channel where the wires feed from the engine case. The new stator may not have one, so you may have to reuse the old one.

Suzuki Charging System: Stator Cover Gasket

Most shops don't stock these gaskets. If you don't feel like waiting, a hobby knife and some gasket material from the parts store will get you going. You can use the old gasket as a trace.

Suzuki Charging System: Feed Stator Wires

The new stator's wires go where the old ones left. Feed them through the channel behind the sprocket cover. It's a tight fit, but they'll go.

Suzuki Charging System: New Stator is In

Bolt the sprocket and starter covers back on, and you're in business.

Suzuki Charging System: Remove Regulator

Now, on to the regulator. Unplug and remove the old one. It's just two bolts.

Suzuki Charging System: New Regulator

Put the new regulator in its place.

Suzuki Charging System: Regulator Red Wire

Now that everything's bolted in, you can wire it. The regulator's red wire goes to the battery's positive terminal...

Suzuki Charging System: Stator Yellow Wires

...And the three yellow wires go to the stator. These yellow wires don't need to be oriented in any special way, which is why they're all the same color.

Suzuki Charging System: Ground Wire

Don't forget the ground.

Suzuki Charging System: Test Voltage

That's it. Pop the battery back in and start it up. Check that the voltage increases as you rev the engine. The voltage should start close to 12V and increase to 13 or 14V.

Suzuki Charging System: Replacement Parts

ElectroSport makes a very good replacement stator and regulator for the Suzuki GS750. These won't cause your charging system to burn out like the OEM versions.

2 comments for 'Your Suzuki GS750 Charging System'

1. Thanks for the step by step.

Thanks for the step by step. I'm always looking at these older bikes, knowing about these electrical problems. Now I at least know I'm capable of making the swap. Nice work.

2. now i just need this

now i just need this particular bike and i'll be set to go. nice

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