Still more of Chicago's Mods vs. Rockers 2011

Mods vs. Rockers: Vintage Parilla

Vintage Parilla racer.

Mods vs. Rockers: Knucklehead

HD Knucklehead.

Mods vs. Rockers: Knucklehead 2

...and the other side.

Mods vs. Rockers: Knucklehead 3

...and that pretty engine.

Mods vs. Rockers: Newer Triumph Rigid

Newer Triumph in a rigid frame.

Mods vs. Rockers: Newer Rigid Triumph 2

...with a nice oil tank.

Mods vs. Rockers: Old Triumph Chopper

Old Triumph chopper getting kicked.

Mods vs. Rockers: Newer Hot Rod

Hot Rod chopper with cool tank detail.

Mods vs. Rockers: Norton 750

Clean Norton Commando.

Mods vs. Rockers: BMW Riding Away

BMW riding away.

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