Chicago's Mods vs. Rockers 2011

Mods vs. Rockers: Clean Old Sportser

A nice, clean, somewhat-original Sportster. I talked briefly with the owner who has had it since '72. Those rocker-box covers are the bee's knees.

Mods vs. Rockers: Triumph Chop

Classic custom Triumph.

Mods vs. Rockers: Custom HD Sprint

A Harley-Davidson Sprint with new paint.

Mods vs. Rockers: Ironhead Rigid

An Ironhead Sportser rigid.

Mods vs. Rockers: Rider

Riding away.

Mods vs. Rockers: Restored HD Sprint

A nicely restored HD Sprint.

Mods vs. Rockers: Indian

Good-looking Indian from the... 50's?

Mods vs. Rockers: Indian 2

And the other side.

Mods vs. Rockers: Clean BMW

Clean BMW /5.

Mods vs. Rockers: BMW Cafe

A mono-shock BMW cafe racer.

Mods vs. Rockers: Wilkinson Bros. / Good Spark Garage Custom

A Wilkinson Bros. / Good Spark Garage custom.

Mods vs. Rockers: Old Plunger-Frame BMW

Old plunger-frame BMW.

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