2011 Norton Club Show #1

These are pictures from the 2011 annual Chicago Norton Owners Club Vintage Bike Show.

CNOC Show: 1 Black Nortons

Count 'em: Four (4) black 850 Norton Commandos in a row.

CNOC Show: 2 Blue 850 Norton

...and a nice metal-flake blue one at the end.

CNOC Show: 3 Norton Tool Bag

Norton tool bag. (Norton was also the name of a Chicago-area tool company.)

CNOC Show: 4 High-Pipe BSA

High-pipe BSA.

CNOC Show: 5 Single-Cylinder BSA

Single-Cylinder BSA.

CNOC Show: 8 Triumph Trophy

High-Pipe Triumph Trophy.

CNOC Show: 9 Pre-Unit Triumph

Sky blue, pre-unit Triumph.

CNOC Show: 10 Older Triumph

Clean old Triumph.

CNOC Show: 11 Clean Old Triumph

...and the other side.

CNOC Show: 12 Triton

Triumph motor in a Norton featherbed frame.

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