Sony Acid Pro vs. Ableton Live

Sony Acid Pro 7 vs Ableton Live 8

The premise is simple: download the demo versions of two sequencing powerhouses and produce the same beat using each. Then, rate each on it's usability, ease of usability, speed of usability, and overall awesomeness and report back to our readers.

First things first: grab some loops from someplace. We chose this place:

Both downloads went smoothly. While Acid was a snap to install, Live took considerably longer due to it's larger pack of bundled goodies. After running the executable, Live actually connects to the internet and downloads content during the install, making the process uncomfortably long for those eager to lay down some tracks. But Acid loses some major points for being constrained to the Microsoft, platform. In fact, this whole experiment in aural ecstasy is moot for OSX-only users.

Since Live is cross-platform and Acid is only available on Windows, we'll use Windows to run both.

Anyway, I think we're ready. Let's get to it.

* Sony Acid Pro 7
* Download size: 145 Mb
* You get a full-featured version to evaluate for 30 days
* Retail: 299.95 USD

* Ableton Live 8
* Download size: 551 Mb
* You get a full-featured version to evaluate for 30 days
* Retail: 449.00 USD

* Intel Core 2 Duo Macbook
* 2.20 ghz, 2 gig RAM
* Windows XP Professional via Boot Camp

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